Cold Calling Script

Here is a free cold calling script, it is geared towards Real Estate but you can edit to fit your specific business.

Sample Real Estate Cold Calling Script

AGENT: Hello. I’m _______________________ with Real Estate Company.

Is this the owner of __________________________________________.

SELLER: Yes this is him/her, what can I do for you?

AGENT: I noticed that your listing for the property has expired and I was wondering if you were still interested in selling it?

SELLER: Yes, I am.

AGENT: Great! I am following up on the (post card or letter) that I sent you regarding our accelerated real estate marketing program. Did you receive it?

AGENT: I have some information that will be very useful to you regarding our current market. I would also like to give you information regarding our accelerated marketing program and how we can use it to sell your property faster and at a higher price then similar property for sale in your area.

May I set up an appointment to come by and present this information?


AGENT: I would like to provide you with some very useful information that will assist you in the sale of your property in hopes that you will consider me in future if you should decide to re-list your property with another real estate agent.

SELLER: (If answer is no repeat above if answer is ok proceed below)

AGENT: Great! I can meet you right at the property and I will only take 15-20 minutes of your time When would be most convenient for you?

SELLER: Monday evening at 6:30 pm.

AGENT: Perfect! Before I hang up can I ask you a couple of quick questions?

I noticed that the property has been listed for _________ days; in your opinion why hasn’t the property sold?

SELLER: Response………..

AGENT: Aha I see and Listen………………Listen ………………….

AGENT: Why are you selling? Aha I see and Listen………………Listen ………………….


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