7 tips for Call Center Script Writing

Have been helping a lot of sales teams and individuals with their script strategies and responses. Here are a few essentials. There are many more.

1. Try to eliminate the words “I” and “we.”   It’s all about them.  They don’t care about you.

2. Give them “cause for pause” within 3 or 4 seconds of “hello.”  What do you say so that IF THEY HAD A NEED YOU COULD FULFILL, you have their attention and they will listen a bit longer?

3. Convey credibility. What info are you providing that implants thoughts of worthiness? Try name-dropping and referencing specific past results.

4. Relate 3 specific benefits you provide. It’s all about communicating value. If you don’t tell them the biggest benefits of dealing with you – they won’t know.

5. Prepare “turn-around” responses to the 6 most common objections.  About 1/3 of your appointments are set after you hear “no.” Have you prepared responses to “send some info,” “we are all set” and “call me back” that can get you the meeting NOW.

6. Ask for what you want.  Stupid simple right?  Often not done  within 30 seconds of hearing “hello.” Ask for the appointment.

7. Relate 5 things in 30 seconds.
A: Who you are.
B: What you do.
C: Why you are credible.
D: The 3 biggest benefits your clients/accounts appreciate.
E: Ask for the meeting.

There are many more scripting strategies and tips to setup and
maintain an effective appointment setting process.

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